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Investment in Urban Development and Property: What Are The Risks?

Zaragon Place Ann Arbor has been a recipient of numerous high-rise project investments, recently. These investments can be a blessing to the community, as high-rises offer a number of benefits. We like to point out the two following benefits: High-rises create opportunities for people to live, work, and create in...

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Traffic Impact Mitigation: The 411

Photo: Costco in Ann Arbor If you’re a developer dealing with impending traffic mitigation needs, the grading system used in schools has found a way to track you down. We can help you avoid that unflattering letter, F. Let’s start with a refresher course on the basics of traffic levels...

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Trend to Watch: Fast-Casual is In

The Rise of Fast-Casual Restaurants The restaurant landscape is changing in Michigan. That’s a key lesson Rob Wagner learned while attending the 2017 ICSC Michigan Idea Exchange. Rob is one of Midwestern’s Project managers, working on everything from schools to commercial projects. The Idea Exchange is the International Council of...

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