3 Industry Trends to Watch

At Midwestern Consulting we’re always interested in how trends develop within our industry. Here are 3 trends that we’ll be watching in 2017:

Chelsea Retirement Community

1. Increased Investment in Senior Living and Care

Everyone is talking about the Boomers. There is continued investment in projects revolving around senior housing and care, including independent living, assisted care, and memory care.  With 2016 projects seeing strong sales already, we expect to see even more investment in the coming  year.

315 E. Huron Offices

2. Change in Office Building Use

One of the more interesting trends comes from a combination of technology and office culture changes. Gone are the days of large file cabinets and even big on-site server rooms. Today’s office user needs space for their computer and perhaps a few belongings. The actual office space used per person these days is about 60 to 80 square feet. This is great for business owners looking to get the most out of their rent, but creates an interesting issue when it comes to parking as the parking-per municipal code is based on an office user every 250 square feet.

Single Family Housing

3. Demand for Single Family Housing

There continues to be a big push to find the next single-family housing project within the Ann Arbor, Dexter, and Saline school districts. Utility infrastructure extensions, annexation and rezoning are going to become hot topics over the next year as the pressure mounts from families wishing to move into these communities.

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