Midwestern doesn’t just provide you with boundaries, we deliver solutions. Our professionals generate critical research, data and mapping resources through state-of-the-art technology and good, old-fashioned logic. The combination of traditional methods and innovative approaches allows land owners, investors and developers the information needed to confidently take action, plan projects and close deals.

Our team of field technicians, professional surveyors, research specialists, and certified arborists work together, and with other disciplines, to provide accurate, immediate solutions from greenfield land surveys to construction control networks to infrastructure as-builts.

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Case Studies



  • Corporate office development on 14-acre site within Traverwood Development
  • Redesign of pedestrian bridge and 231 space parking area
  • Construction of 22,292 square foot three-story building


  • Utilized existing utility and transportation infrastructure
  • Stormwater management including bio-retention islands, detention and pre-treatment



  • Provided surveying services for the facility’s roof
  • Required precise horizontal and vertical control to ensure integrity of structure


  • This project received the 2003 Eminent Conceptor Award for Surveying from the American Council of Engineering Companies/Michigan and the Michigan Society of Professional Engineers.


  • 37-acre site redeveloped into a 390,000 square foot “destination center” with twenty easily identifiable and accessible commercial establishments with over 1,800 spaces for convenient parking in front of individual stores
  • Services to developer included Boundary, topographic and construction surveying
  • Traffic impact studies included traffic management and traffic flow studies


  • Construction reconfigured to keep several stores opened throughout construction
  • Designed new utility system that allowed operations of open stores to continue during construction



  • Provided variety of services for 17-acre Costco Warehouse store and gas station site
  • Revised Township Master Plan to permit redevelopment of site
  • Coordination of services between Township, City of Ann Arbor, Road Commission, MDOT and Water Resource Commissioner
  • Designed offsite roadway improvements including, freeway off-ramp, traffic signals, arterial roadway auxiliary lanes, and non-motorized pathways
  • Provided construction support services for regional stormwater management system including two underground stormwater traps that provide 270,000 cf of storage (over 2 million gallons)



  • Services at over 1,500 cell tower sites throughout Michigan and Ohio since 1986
  • Site and boundary surveys
  • High definition as-built surveys at over 1000 sites to locate antennas; capture existing conditions
  • Site layout and construction plans
  • Landscape plans
  • Review title work and easements
  • Prepare new lease parcel and easement descriptions
  • Prepare contract document
  • Manage zoning compliance
  • Generation of point cloud images used in conjunction with AutoCAD capture all existing conditions and identify the elevation and dimensions of all tower elements



  • Survey of over 200 acres of land including the former Pfizer Pharmaceutical site
  • Test facility used by University of Michigan to test driverless vehicles on roadway system that simulates actual roadways and conditions
  • World’s first controlled environment specifically designed to test the
    potential of connected and automated vehicle technologies that are expected to lead the way to mass-market driverless cars



certifiedarboristAs development environments become more sensitive and regulatory environments more demanding, having access to a Certified Arborist is necessary for any development or construction project to ensure a solid permitting strategy prior to development efforts. Arborists often assess the condition of existing trees on a development site, ensure proper protocol relating to protected trees, monitor the health of trees during construction efforts and support landscaping, restoration and mitigation efforts.

Communities may require a state-certified professional be involved in development projects, and those that do not are often receptive to recommendations made by a certified professional. Our team coordinates with environmental, surveying and development experts to ensure your projects meets local and state requirements and that your planning position is maximized while preserving the natural heritage that surrounds it.


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