Not Just a Sidewalk

Pedestrian Crosswalk – Chelsea, Michigan

Midwestern Consulting recently had the opportunity to work with the City of Chelsea on a Safe Routes to School project in conjunction with the Five Healthy Towns Foundation.

We designed nearly one mile of new sidewalk and ten intersections making the trip to school safer and to encourage a healthy, walkable community for everyone.

Our project included the following design elements:

  • Improved crosswalks with pedestrian ramps constructed to today’s Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) regulations.
  • A new rapid rectangular flashing beacon (RRFB) was installed at the intersection of Old US-12 and Wilkinson Street.
  • A pedestrian refuge island was added at one intersection to limit pedestrian exposure to vehicles.
  • Two offset intersections’ crosswalks were re-designed to keep crosswalks closer to where the vehicles actually stop. 

Pedestrian Crosswalk – Liberty Street, Ann Arbor

In other words, this was not “just” a sidewalk job. 

Each intersection was unique in terms of existing traffic control, storm drainage, roadway alignments, and grade issues. New sidewalk was installed in some areas where lawn grades were steep and short retaining walls were needed to save trees or limit driveway replacement.

Like many projects, the key to success was collaboration and communication with our partners and the community.

Midwestern Consulting helped work through the daily inspection forms provided by the City and maintained the MDOT project file.

The end result? A new sidewalk, yes. But more importantly, a sidewalk designed to meet the goals of the community and maximize pedestrian safety.

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