Peace, Love and Lasers: A 50 Year Timeline

Here are the significant milestones in the history of Midwestern Consulting:


  • The laser is born. Theodore Maiman created to tool that paved the way for CD, DVDs and, of course, 3D laser scanning
  • Midwestern Consulting is founded in 1967 by Jim Hart, Dave Weage, and Bob Sanders


  • Midwestern Consulting relocates to Hogback Road in Ann Arbor
  • Al Rentschler joins the firm
  • 2 man survey rate is $26/hour
  • The firm size increases to 28 full time employees
  • Vita Ciemiorek joins Midwestern Consulting and is still here today
  • Midwestern wins top engineering award in the nation
  • Grand Conceptor award for their design and consulting work on the 360 unit Geddes Lakes Townhouse Complex
  • Clive Sinclair invents the pocket calculator


  • IBM debuts the personal computer
  • Design work begins on the 393 acre development south of I-94 and Whittaker Road. The major road for this project is named after a Midwestern Consulting partner – James L Hart Parkway
  • Jim Fisher joins the firm in 1983 and is still here today


  • Midwestern incorporates GPS data with traditional survey methods
  • The company spins off Midwestern Software Solutions (MS2)


  • Midwestern Consulting is named Employer of the Year by the Women’s Transportation Seminar (2000)
  • Opens a second office in Clarkston, Michigan
  • The company becomes an early adopter of 3D laser scanning
  • The deicing project at Detroit Metro Airport wins several awards including ASCE/MSPE with the Engineering Honorable Conceptor Award
  • Midwestern wins the Eminent Conceptor Award for Surveying work associated with the Ford Field Truss survey capturing more than 3,300 readings


  • The company survives the 2008-2012 recession
  • Sustained growth brings the employee count to 45 people
  • Midwestern creates specific market sector services to better serve our clients
  • Our combined revenue is over $11 million for Midwestern Consulting and MS2