Staying Prepared: 3 Reasons We Use Autodesk

Building diverse and user-friendly solutions for clients is the primary function of hundreds of businesses—and with good reason. Powerful tech solutions are necessary for companies to thrive in today’s competitive market.

While we’re not in tech, we do use powerful technology solutions all the time. Autodesk is a powerful part of our tech toolbox. Here are our top three reasons why.

Reason #1: Efficiency

When a surveyor heads back to the office with manually retrieved topographic data, the question ‘will I need to do this again’ lingers in the back of his mind (especially after that second cup of coffee). Using Autodesk’s point cloud removes that lingering question entirely. By using a laser scanner, we collect all necessary data in the first trip. If we miss anything, we don’t need to send our people to pick up the missed data. We can access all above ground data from the point cloud, as collected by the laser scanner.

Infraworks Linear Feature Extraction Laser Scan

Infraworks Linear Feature Extraction Laser Scan

We are effectively able to collect more data in less time than the traditional method.  Thanks to constant improvements to this technology, it’s becoming easier to interpolate data with the point clouds. That makes the whole process more user friendly. Integrating these technologies has so far been a value add to our clients, and an effective time reduction tool for our projects. We may not have gathered the information in a traditional way, but the end product will still look familiar and be effective.

Infraworks Linear Feature Extraction

Infraworks Linear Feature Extraction Laser Scan

Reason # 2: Continued Improvements

Autodesk continues to improve their product suite in order to make them more powerful tools. They made the clever decision to use customer input as the basis to all their software improvements. They release a new version of their products—updated per customer input—each year. We are also able to see what they are improving upon throughout the year, which is a priceless advantage.

Color laser scan of Gratiot ave, Detroit

Laser scan, Gratiot

Reason # 3: Foundations for the Future

The future of Civil 3D and design seems to be moving in the direction that software like Autodesk is creating. We are creating a strong foundation for future development by using these tools now. We believe in always learning. By learning how to better use the tools in Autodesk, we can be prepared for the future as it becomes the present. Anyone who is involved with surveys and site developments can benefit from this technology, so we’re learning and sharing it as much as possible.

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