We Did It: Now Let’s Do Great Things

The Madison Building, which houses the new Midwestern Detroit office space

We said we’d do it, and we did. December 1st marked our first day in the office.

We think of 1967 as one of our best years because it was our first in Metro Detroit. As you might know, we’ve worked on dozens of projects and properties in the Detroit market in the past 5 decades. What you’re probably the most interested in, is the present. We’re pulling out the stops for Detroit, and for our investment in the Southeast market. Let’s do great things here at home, together.

Midwestern Consulting has recently participated in the Green Infrastructure & Financial Incentives Program (through the USGBC Detroit Chapter, and the Great Lakes Water Authority Vendor Outreach Initiative—try saying that five times fast). We are also participating in the Detroit Chapter Real Estate Forum, for the University of Michigan and Urban Land Development. This is part of our determination to grow within the local market.

The same energy that we’ve spent in Ann Arbor charities, community events, and several outstanding programs (Adopt a Road and Friends of the Huron River Watershed, for example) will go into our presence in Detroit. We anticipate a lot of new memories, and deeper relationships with Detroit in the upcoming months and years.

Thanks for listening to our excitement. See you in the D!

Feel free to contact us with questions.

Phone: (313) 879-3803
Email: Brandon Walker, bww@midwesternconsulting.com