Our mantra when approaching municipal or other public projects is consensus, collaboration and community. Experienced in anticipating and addressing the unique approval processes, funding strategies and public outreach efforts that go into such initiatives, our team provides the necessary technical and consulting expertise at every stage of the process.

As a specialized part of our consulting practice, our municipal teams are built around fulfilling long-term consulting appointments as well as project-specific engagements. Midwestern relies on our subject matter experts in construction cost estimating, sustainable design, ADA compliance, transportation and infrastructure design to provide long-term value to community residents.

Case Studies



  • Designing an extension of 5th Avenue watermain
  • Assisted the City with implementation of proposed rain gardens along Miller Avenue
  • Preparing a landscape plan along Nixon Avenue Sidewalk improvement project
  • Providing landscape plans for the Pontiac Trail road reconstruction
  • Designing of the Summit Street watermain replacement project


Project Highlights

  • Designed expansion project doubling the surface area of previous water park, new bathhouse, mechanical building, and concession stand
  • Stormwater study and design included existing and proposed conditions with two new detention ponds
  • Utility upgrades for the sanitary sewer and water main network as well as the onsite sewage disposal system
  • Reconstruction of 2,000 lf of road, existing 100 space parking lot and new 75 space parking lot



  • Design of improved crosswalks at 4 intersections in the downtown area
  • Crosswalks built with stamped asphalt to emphasize pedestrian safety and aesthetic appeal
  • Curbed bumpouts to slow traffic speeds and reduce the distance that pedestrians have to cross
  • Sidewalk ramps meet current ADA design standards
  • Additional streetscape installed including trees, concrete planters, signage and decorative brick pavers


Project Highlights

  • High Definition Laser Scan of the new 100-space parking lot on former waste disposal site
  • Special geocomposite material, 1/4”thick with honeycomb core, over the area
  • Three layers of material were laid simultaneously to prevent damage or movement caused by construction


Construction inspection on site throughout process


  • Geocomposite material to minimize environmental impact



  • Review city supplied archive documents and coordinate limits of utility and sidewalk repair
  • Reconstruction design services of Old Creek Drive and new water main
  • Preparation of maintaining traffic plans including a phased detour route
  • Design of a rain garden to filter storm water runoff
  • Assistance during bidding process
  • Construction inspection



  • Design of a new service center for Washtenaw County
  • Innovative stormwater best management practice
  • Bioswales incorporated into parking lot
  • Infiltration trench used in detention basin
  • Exfiltration trench distribute stormwater flow over a larger area, increasing absorption into the soil
  • Participated in stakeholder and public meetings


Project Highlights

  • Reconstruction design of existing road with three new roundabouts
  • MDOT required that the M-14 ramps could only be closed for less than 30 days
  • Construction sequencing plans effectively detoured traffic for contractor to accomplish work


Pavement Assessments

Sidewalk Assessments

Road Reconstruction

Sanitary Sewer Design

Water System Design

Stormwater Management

  • Collection
  • Treatment
  • Detention/Retention
  • Infiltration

Hydraulic Studies

Neighborhood Traffic Calming

ADA Compliance

Pedestrian & Bicycle Safety Study

Construction Observation

Cost Analysis


MDOT Prequalified

LEED Accredited Professionals

Award Winning Designs

Former Public Engineers

MDEQ Certified Stormwater Management Operators