Midwestern doesn’t just provide you with boundaries, we deliver solutions. Our professionals generate critical research, data and mapping resources through state-of-the-art technology and good, old-fashioned logic. The combination of traditional methods and innovative approaches allows land owners, investors and developers the information needed to confidently take action, plan projects and close deals.

Our team of field technicians, professional surveyors, research specialists, and certified arborists work together, and with other disciplines, to provide accurate, immediate solutions from greenfield land surveys to construction control networks to infrastructure as-builts.

Case Studies


Project Highlights

  • Corporate office development on 14-acre site within Traverwood Development
  • Redesign of pedestrian bridge and 231 space parking area
  • Construction of 22,292 square foot three-story building


  • Utilized existing utility and transportation infrastructure
  • Stormwater management including bio-retention islands, detention and pre-treatment


Project Highlights

  • Provided surveying services for the facility’s roof
  • Required precise horizontal and vertical control to ensure integrity of structure


  • This project received the 2003 Eminent Conceptor Award for Surveying from the American Council of Engineering Companies/Michigan and the Michigan Society of Professional Engineers.

Laser Scanning

Over the past decade, our team of specialists has advanced the art and science of high-definition surveying to become a leader in the Midwest at both the technical deployment and innovative deliverables available through this technology. Ideal for measuring or gathering data associated with complex and historical structures; renovations and construction projects; material and volume calculations; and other large, challenging environments, the use of laser technology allows the creation of a 3D model with a 360° visualization, as well as stored, accessible data for current and future use.

Laser scanning also increases safety in hard-to-access areas, while generating data compatible with AutoCAD, Microstation and BIM softwares. The technology also minimizes disruption to sensitive environments like historic structures or forensic environments, as well as high-traffic or hazardous areas such as roadways, tunnels and bridges.

Case Studies


Project Highlights

  • Performed over 225 high definition, colorized laser scans in a package distribution center
  • Created Autodesk Factory Design Suite model of 55,000 square feet. Model existing infrastructure including conveyor systems, ladders, catwalks, walls, structural elements, piping conduit, roof, and floor
  • Scanorama images included with point cloud for virtual site walks. Allowed client better communication in all phases of design
  • Design consultants compared the proposed renovations to the existing conditions model and reviewed potential clashes.


  • Minimized obstructions and maintained daily operations while scanning
  • Required only one field visit to acquire data


Project Highlights

  • High definition laser scan of Central Power Plant on the University of Michigan’s campus
  • Tie laser scan data to existing coordinate system
  • Create high definition 3D model of the existing infrastructure including walls, structural elements, piping conduit, boilers and deaerators
  • Provide 3D TruView files to client for communication assistance and aid in all phases of design
  • Design consultants compared the proposed renovations to the existing conditions model and reviewed potential clashes


  • Minimized obstructions and maintained daily operations while scanning
  • Required only one field visit to acquire data


Project Highlights

  • High Definition Laser Scan of West Circle Drive & nearby buildings
  • Integrate new ADA parking to existing streetscape
  • Identify pavement and curb issues
  • Serve as on-site Construction Manager


  • Minimized development impact by maintaining a compact construction zone


Project Highlights

  • High definition laser scan of Quapaw Bath House
  • Tied exterior and interior scanning to same coordinate system allowing the designers to see sections through the dome
  • Provide 3D TruView files to client and assist  communication
  • Architectural consultant utilized the point cloud information for study


  • Minimized obstructions and maintained daily operations while scanning
  • Required only one field visit to acquire data

Certified Arborist Consulting

As development environments become more sensitive and regulatory environments more demanding, having access to a Certified Arborist is necessary for any development or construction project to ensure a solid permitting strategy prior to development efforts. Arborists often assess the condition of existing trees on a development site, ensure proper protocol relating to protected trees, monitor the health of trees during construction efforts and support landscaping, restoration and mitigation efforts.

Communities may require a state-certified professional be involved in development projects, and those that do not are often receptive to recommendations made by a certified professional. Our team coordinates with environmental, surveying and development experts to ensure your projects meets local and state requirements and that your planning position is maximized while preserving the natural heritage that surrounds it.


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