Wireless Communications

We strive to be the constant in an ever-changing industry. Working on behalf of carriers, build to suit owners, and specialty contractors, our wireless experts can represent your interests on wireless infrastructure projects throughout the Midwest. As networks and technology continuously improve, these programs can include infrastructure construction, upgrades and small cell sites.

Midwestern’s combined surveying, engineering and construction administration capabilities can also address mixed program needs and environments from remote locations to urban rooftops. Working collaboratively with other program contractors, our team can also assume an owner’s representative role to expand the reach of your internal team.

Typical Projects



  • Services at over 1,500 cell tower sites throughout Michigan and Ohio since 1986
  • Site and boundary surveys
  • High definition as-built surveys at over 100 sites to locate antennas; capture existing conditions
  • Site layout and construction plans
  • Landscape plans
  • Review title work and easements
  • Prepare new lease parcel and easement descriptions
  • Prepare contract document
  • Manage zoning compliance
  • Generation of point cloud images used in conjunction with AutoCAD capture all existing conditions and identify the elevation and dimensions of all tower elements





  • Boundary & Topographical Survey
  • FAA Certification Letters
  • Title Work Review
  • Legal Description Preparation
  • Construction Staking
  • As-Built Site Plans

Civil Engineering/Planning

  • Site Walk
  • Zoning Drawings/Site Plans
  • Landscape Plan
  • Lease Exhibit Plan
  • Legal Description Preparation
  • Meeting Attendance
  • Construction Documents

High-Definition Scanning

  • Existing Towers
  • Tower Compounds
  • Equipment Shelter Interiors

As-Built Scanning

  • Tower Equipment Elevations & Azimuths
  • Port Elevations
  • Cable Lengths
  • Number of Cables
  • Antenna Platform Dimensions